About Us

Garcia's Kape, Tinapay, Atbp is a cafe,and an outlet store for our roasted coffee beans. It is located near the main entrance of Porta Vaga Mall(a mall adjacent to Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral).

Houseblend Arabica

Try our own specialized coffee blend that gave Garcia's Premium Coffee its name and reputations! Utilizing a mix of our beans, we have specially produced this blend for you.

Premium Barako
(Pure Excelsa Beans)

Nurtured and maintained in our farms brings you the taste of true and unique Philippines coffee. Hawaii has Kona coffee, jamaica has Blue Mountain and Philippines has Barako. Try a cup of Barako today!

Premium Arabica

With 100% Arabica beans, look out for notes of orange and chocolate with each sip you take as you experience the finest beans in the Cordillera region

Benguet Blend

Benguet coffee is our original blend of Robusta and Excelsa beans, roasted dark brown. It is our original blend of the Benguet or highland coffee since 1961.It is very aromatic and moderately acidic.